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Your divorce costs are very high.
You and your spouse can not come to an agreement about expenses.
An income stream or an account is frozen until the settlement.
An injury that will render you unable to earn income for the next 6 - 12 months.
An illness or condition that will render you unable to earn income for the next 6 - 12 months.
Your health has deteriorated sufficiently as to threaten your income for longer than one year.
A member of your family has an illness that will increase expenses for the next 6 - 12 months.
Your spouse who shares the mortgage costs has a long term illness
You have suffered the loss of a relative.
You have suffered the loss of someone unrelated by very close to you (wife, friend).
You have suffered the loss of a co-signer on the property.
You have had to take a wage cut.
You lost your job.
Your spouse has lost their job.
Your unemployment benefits are about to run out.
You are self-employed and not getting enough contracts.
Your mortgage has increased due to higher interest rates.
Your home has depreciated and the value is less than the current mortgage.
You have recently joined the military and your family cant afford the mortgage.
Your service has been extended and your family can not afford the current mortgage payments.
You are or will be incarcerated for a crime unrelated to the mortgage industry.

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I had some savings but have used it all up.
I have some savings remaining but will run out in a few months.
I have asked family and friends for help and there was none available.
I have asked family and friends for help and received some but there is no more help available.
My financial insitution will not give me a loan.
I used all the funds my financial institution loaned me and can't qualify for additional loans.
You have borrowed against your credit cards but have no more credit left.
I have sold any extra assets including cars and other items.
I have sold some financial assets to get extra money.
I have reduced all non-essential services from my monthly expenses.
I have done everything I can to find work.
I have done everything I can to find a higher paying job.
I'm self-employed and have done everything I can to find more contracts.

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NOTICE: When including this letter in your application to your home loan lender for a home loan modification, you will also need to attach the documents required to support any claims you make in this letter, if possible and applicable. If you’d like to read more about making a hardship letter or need a detailed plan to assemble your own rather than use our hardship letter builder, please read our help pages on how to make a hardship letter.